How do I order?

  1. Choose one of our many teams  that you want want the video to be created by.
  2. Upload a picture that you would like us to print out and display in the video.
  3. Write a personal message of 2-4 sentences that the team will read out loud in the video. The message will also be written on a chalkboard that will be held by the team.
  4. Choose the background music that will be played in the video or let us choose music fitting the video. The team will be dancing to the chosen music throughout the video!

It's really as simple as that, we will take care of the rest and make sure it's an unforgettable video!

When will I receive my order?

We record and edit videos for the orders on a daily basis, our aim is to deliver all the normal orders within 48 hours and all the prio orders within 24 hours.

Normal Order: 1-3  days (Usually 2 days)
Priority Order: 1-2  days (Usually 1 day)

How will the video be delivered? 

We will send the video directly to your email address.

I can't find my video?

We pride ourselves on delivering the videos on time.It might happen that the email we sent you ended up in your spam folder, please make sure checking the spam folder before reaching out.If you still can't find your video, send us an email and we will help you within 24 hours.

Is it only for birthdays?

No, all the videos are custom made and tailored to your request. Common video requests for special occasions such as Graduations, Promotions, Mother's Day and Father's Day.

Are the videos only done in English?

No, you can order videos in any language! However since we can't speak alllanguages, we will read your message by repeating after a text-to-speech voice over.

How long is a video?

The videos are roughly 40-70 seconds, depending on the team.

Are the dancers getting exploited?

No, we are in direct contact with the teams and talk daily. This means the payment goes directly to them and there is no third party earning money from it.

I still need help?

If you still have questions or need help with anything, don't hesitate to contact us at: niudance.com@gmail.com